Theme Parties

Unique Party Themes: Girls Party Themes, Boys Party Themes, Themes for Parties. Theme parties create lasting memories. Make sure your themed event or birthday party is a hit with decorations and theme party supplies from Oriental Trading. ... Celebrate cowboy-style by holding a party with a western theme.

Theme parties are the lifeline of all proceedings but few are aware that all the grandeur and frolicking is suffixed with lots of effort and management for planning the menu, decor, attire etc. All this can only be achieved with a highly creative and specialized team of experts and we at Pravaah house such experts.

the difference between a theme, a topic, and an idea? A theme is the title or tagline of your event. A topic is a subject area that you're interested in covering at your event. An idea is the original concept or notion that your speakers will bring to the stage at your event.

Whether corporate get-together or personal celebration, every party demands an element of exclusivity as per the guests profile, occasion, number of guests, weather conditions & venue orientation etc. And we are dedicated to conceptualize and fabricate a dream evening for you with many customized & innovative themes.
Also, many events employ guest speakers and presenters, and a theme can help them better understand the audience and their needs. As long as you choose one that naturally resonates with the audience, it will serve as a lens through which the speaker or presenter can view the audience and present accordingly.
Right from the theme selection for a party as per number of guests, their profile, occasion etc; we render all the services related to theme party.Few theme party concepts that can boost up your celebration can be ..

  • Arabian
  • Rajasthani
  • Mughal
  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Halloween
  • Village
  • Many others..