Goa and festivals, it is truly an amazing combination as both are considered as incomplete without each other. In the real way, Goa festivals are the expression of multicultural population where different types of fairs and festivals are celebrated in a grand manner. The most celebrated festival is Goa Carnival that is held for three days. It is known as Intruz and the largest celebration center is Panji and Vasko De Gama. People dance, sing, drink and enjoy their favorite food during three days. In other words, you will see dance, fun and enjoy everywhere in Goa during Goa Carnival. In addition there are also different types of other main festivals that are celebrated in a grand manner like other parts of the country. The Christmas and New Year Eve are celebrated in a grand manner as most of the foreign tourists prefer to spend time in pleasant environment with pleasant weather.
Goa is a honeymooners/couples paradise. Being one of the small, yet richest states in India, Goa is visited by beach tour enthusiasts, nature tour lovers, couples and honeymooners very much. From beautiful and palm-fringed beaches to dense forest ranges, paddy fields, vibrant cities, churches to temples and ancient market places, you have a lot to explore in Goa. Panji (the capital city of the state), Vasco De Gama, are the largest cities of the state. Among all attractions, what attract tourists very much are Goa beaches that are known for serenity, cool sea breeze and romantic atmosphere. In addition, the beach front resorts and hotels provide maximum comfort and a feeling of serenity in Goa. Moreover, for those who want to enjoy the sea food and vibrant nightlife, Goa makes their dreams come true.Needless to say, the romantic ambiance makes it an idea destination to explore through an affordable Goa Package. Moreover, the uniqueness and unlimited celebration and joy during Goa Carnival also attract tourists towards Goa.