Why us !

Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal, the founder of Pravaah Events is a Post Graduate and enjoys the repute of being a well-known wedding planner in the Region. He has a strong passion for planning and organizing weddings and events and has been a part of the ‘wedding planning’ industry, since past 11 years. He is also approved Anchor cum announcer by All India Radio, He has solely organized innumerable weddings for friends and family before formulating his professional venture [as well Pankaj Is established anchor for Live shows and sangeet] Pravaah He is presently being assisted by a group of quali?ed professionals including his wife Aalapi also a graduate of Music and well established Vocalist and an Anchor specially known as Singer for theme shows like Mehndi, Garba, Soffie and old melodies, and shares his passion for conceptualizing events and weddings. Ever thought of getting married like a prince or a princess in a grand palace? Well, you don’t have to be one to get married there. You just have to select from many such breathtaking venues and royal palaces that Rajasthan offers and come to us to turn your dream into reality. We value the signi?cance of each and every part of the ritual of the Indian wedding, hence we create the magnificence around it with touch of traditions and customs. Pravaah Events shall make this journey the most unforgettable experience of your life. When it comes to event planning, we believe in delivering more than we promise. Your search for destination & ideas, comes to an end with us. We plan minutely every detail of your event and strive to exceed your expectations while working within your budget as we believe in “Its not about how much you spend, its about how and where you spend.) ” For years, we have assembled and tested the best vendors, decorators caterers and venues and are constantly updating the same. We orchestrate your big day, perfectly taking care of all the details while you and your family relax and enjoy your special day. Pravaah is a one stop shop and a single window for all your needs Merging our expertise of arranging events with our unique selection of venues, we offer our services for coordination of theme parties and special occasion get-together, whether it is to mark the silver or golden anniversary, concerts, conferences, muhrat ceremonies, dealers meet , sales meet etc.

If planning a wedding is just too daunting a task or you simply don't know how to go about it, or maybe you don't have the time to devote to carry out all the research, let Pravaahs do this for you but with your choice,personal attention and involvement.

Hiring the right wedding planner is quintessential to a perfect dream wedding. One of the most important things that a planner can do for a bride and groom and their families is to provide them with a peace of mind. We are sure you need that. So here we are, providing you with exclusive pre to post wedding facilities that you”ll find nowhere else. Below lies the mammoth task ahead of you

we have modularised our work int...

PRE EVENT - Ideation and conceptualization of theme, regular client meetings, venue selection and visits, vendors appointment, negotiating with them, assistance in wedding invites and favours, assistance in shopping, gifts selection, drafting duty charts, & scope of work of vendors, event flow and scheduling, drawing wedding intinerary, licensing and permission, artist selection (Bollywood stars) TV artists/ International Acts.

THROUGH THE EVENT - Setting up of venue, coordination with vendors, managing hospitality and travel desk, welcoming guests, managing logistics, venue management, stage and back stage management, artist management, security arrangements, facilitating execution of rituals as per customs prevailing in client’s family. Logistics e.e. Pick & drop guest from Airport / Railway to venue.

POST EVENT - Facilitating guest departures, set dismantling settling accounts with vendors, and post event analysis Editing video & Moto Albums . Only all guest to their management to wedding. Destination Weddings I Theme Based Weddings I NRI Weddings

  • Artist Selection
  • Assistance in wedding favors
  • Assistance in wedding invites
  • Drafting duty charts of vendors
  • Drawing wedding itinerary
  • Event flow & scheduling
  • Ideation and Conceptualisation of theme   
  • Licensing and permission
  • Menu Planning
  • Multimedia set design and production
  • Regular Client meetings
  • Venue décor selection
  • Venue selection and visits
  • Artist Management
  • Coordination with vendors
  • Facilitating execution of Rituals   
  • Guest Hospitality
  • Logistic Management
  • Managing Travel desk
  • Overall Venue Management
  • Security Arrangements
  • Setting up of venue
  • Stage & Backstage Management
  • Welcome of guests
  • Facilitating Guest departures   
  • Post event analysis
  • Set dismantling
  • Settling accounts with vendors
  • Thank you cards

Ask. What will Pravaah Events be responsible for ?
Ans.We consult, plan, design and coordinate all areas of the wedding. From venue selection, decor, styling, catering, artists & celebrity management and all kind of artists, Light & Sound, Photography, to travel & logistics, wedding invites, trousseau shopping and much more - we can do it all with utmost Pravaah

Ask. Whould Hiring Pravaah Events, for wedding planning services work out to be expensive for me ?
Ans. It’s a myth that a wedding planner is expensive! Our services are customized to match your budget. Our extensive vendor network and relationships ensures that you get the best deals to suit your budget. With the bene?t and savings in terms of time, money and effort that you will make, you can well recover the expense of hiring us. We justify what we charge.

Ask. How can we trust your services ?
Ans. We confirm and re-confirm every detail with you. Once you have agreed to our proposal, we send you a wedding agreement contract which protects both your interests and ours. We have no hidden fees or extras on top of our quotation. We believe in honest and transparent working. We keep our promises intact and make effort that every aspect is taken care off.

Ask. Do you provide services only for a particular wedding function ?
Ans. We can provide services for all the wedding events like engagement ceremony, cocktail, mehendi, sangeet, pool party, mayra, youngsters party, traditional geet, wedding reception, royal barat procession ferrah & vidayee etc. It all depends upon your requirements and itinerary.

Ask. If I choose Jodhpur or any other place as my wedding destination staying outstation, can Pravaah Events co-ordinate the same ?
Ans. Most definitely ! We communicate regularly with the bride & groom & their parents online and over the phone/email/whats app and keep them informed about every detail. We will be available 24 x 7 to run through ideas and discuss plans through the planning stages.

Ask. How would site visits and venue selection be handled ?
Ans. We shall help you in short listing the destinations as per the season, budget and availability. We shall demonstrate the venues and locations by pictures in case you don’t plan to visit the destination yourself. And if you do, then we shall help you in organizing the show around tour once the venue is finalized.