Bikaner is a typical desert town of Rajasthan with vibrant culture, fabulous architecture, dust-swirling classic Arabian experience and much more. This one-of-a-kind feel had made this place to dominate many other destinations in Rajasthan when it comes to desert experience. No, camel safari is not the only thing you should be focusing in Bikaner during your visit. However, it is an iconic attraction of the land. The culture and heritage of the land has a magnetic charm over the lifestyle, fairs and festivals. If you are looking for interesting shopping experience, visit the ancient markets of the land to buy traditional handicrafts, carpets, Rajasthan art works and much more. Apart from these, the land is filled with architectural beauty like historic monuments, temples, forts & palaces. Most of the monuments still display the opulence of artwork, standing pride withstanding the passage of time. The land gets its unique feel from the numerous sand dunes that are scattered around the region, temple for rat, camel research center and much more. Do not restraint yourself with Bikaner alone.

Bikaner City is famous land of Maharaja's and their rich and famous royal indian palace weddings and royal social celebrations over years.
It is a very beautiful place in Rajasthan and also a very profound wedding destination. Bikaner is known for its camel safaris too. Along with this there are many royal forts and heritage houses here that can be great option for the wedding venues. Wedding in Bikaner can be a great option for the main reason that you can get the best venues for your royal wedding. The magnificent forts and palaces, created with delicacy in reddish-pink sandstone, bear testimony to its rich historical and architectural legacy. Surging lanes, colourful bazaars with bright and cheerful folks make Bikaner an interesting experience to explore.
There are numbers of shops here where exclusive designs of the outfits are available. Also, Rajasthani ornaments are very popular for its beauty, you can get exclusive designs and patters in the ornaments for your wedding here. Not to forget about the mouth watering delicacies of Rajasthan. You will find delicious food here that you might not resist yourself to gulp all the items present in the menu. All these things will lure you towards Bikaner for your wedding.